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Clarinet artist Merve Nuvasil was born in 1986 .After beginning her first clarinet education in Trakya University State Conservatory, she continued her education in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University State Conservatory with Feza Çetin and graduated in 2013 with a master degree.

     In 2000, she won the first prize in the young musician of the year competition organised by Mimar Sinan Rotary Club, also the first prize in IV Silven International Music Festival chamber music competition in 2011.

     She played in symphony orchestras such as ; Bursa Region State Symphony Orchestra , Cemal Resit Rey Symphony Orchestra , Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra and Cukurova State Symphony Orchestra.

     She attended as an active member in Ametist Clarinet Quintet in 2005, in Istanbul Clarinet Choir in 2010 and Istanbul Contemporary Music Community and performed many concerts.

     In 2012, she shared the stage many world famous clarinet virtuosos in International Clarinet Festival in Edirne and performed a solo concert with Trakya Symphony Orchestra.

     In 2013, she attended as a member of the jury in the clarinet competition that organised within the Istanbul International Clarinet Festival and also gave a lecture about "Clarinet performing in Turkish and European music". She also made a work shop in the festival.

     In 2014, she performed a solo concert named "Sultans of the Music " with Toisad Symphony Orchestra .

     Among the years 2013 and 2014, she worked in Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall as the program coordinator and art director.

     Among the years 2007-2008 she worked as clarinet teacher in Istanbul University State Conservatory .Since 2011, she's been teaching clarinet in Sisli Terakki Schools.

     Since 2010, she's a member of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Orchestra Chamber Group.

     Since 2013, she resumes working on her own concert concert project "east-west synthesis on clarinet ".

     Merve Nuvasil is the artist in Turkey of the world famous clarinet accessories brands BG France since 2015 and since 2017 brand Vandoren and since 2017 Buffet Crampon nd brand Beaumont Music sine 2018.

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